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Paul Brandmire, 

St. Cloud City Council Ward 3

Principled, Strong, Constitutional

As your Representative since 2018, City Councilman Paul Brandmire is here to safeguard our freedoms, limit government intrusion, and pave the way to improve the lives of our families. Here you will find everything you need to know about Councilman Brandmire, how he got his start in politics, as well as issues he is deeply concerned with, and how you can help.

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Why Your Vote Counts

November 8, 2022

Since being elected, I have strived to advocate for my constituents to the fullest. My votes have consistently been based on limiting government, limiting taxed expenses, and allowing the greatest amount of personal autonomy. Not every vote is going to please every constituent, obviously, but I hold true to my values and to my oath to represent every person in the city to the best of my ability. If you call me with a problem with city services, I will help you resolve it.

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710 25th Ave N


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