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A Commitment to Excellence

Retired Military Officer

For three years as an enlisted Law Enforcement officer, ensured safety and security of the base, populace, and USAF assets, including traffic control, crime suppression, arrests, and preliminary investigations.  For five years, performed duties as a Special Agent, Air Force Office of Special Investigations, conducting investigations of major criminal incidents, fraud, and counter-intelligence or counter-terrorism, including evidence collection, interviews/interrogations, and preparation of written Reports of Investigation.  Conducted joint operations with US and foreign police agencies.  After receiving a commission, was trained as a nuclear missile launch officer of the Ground Launched Tomahawk Cruise Missile system.  As a launch officer in England for three years, was appointed Chief of Training Simulator Scripts and then Chief of Dispersal Evaluations, responsible for training and evaluating the proficiency of other launch officers.  Performed duties in logistics, resource protection, and war plans for US Forces in NATO during this time and for one additional year in Norway.  For six years, performed duties in Command and Control, Logistics, and Flight Operations as a command post controller, helping to plan cargo aircraft mission execution and problem resolution through coordination with local and down-range agencies.  Reported changes in mission and war-time status to higher headquarters.  Performed nuclear surety duties at Ramstein, Germany, for all USAF-Europe assets.  In Iceland, was the Officer-in-Charge of the Joint Command Post (Air Force and Navy), responsible for Air Defense and the Joint Rescue Coordination Center, dispatching aircraft into an area of over one million nautical square miles.  For one year before military retirement, was Flight Commander of the Radio Relay Flight, which taught various classes on repair of navigation aids and satellite communications, Keesler AFB, MS, where I was responsible for a staff of 100 military and civilian instructors and support staff, as well as approximately 200 students. Twice deployed to Southwest Asia -- Turkey and Saudi Arabia.


I took a job as an Assistant Manager with Home Depot, which brought me to Minnesota in 1998. In 2000, I left retail and began teaching driver's education and driving school bus. After five years, I began driving semi tractor-trailers coast-to-coast. In 2007, I changed companies to where i am now.

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